1) If you have to edit only one or a few picture , I think you may sand us by Email . You can use :




2)If you have lots of photos , we recommend you use the free file web hosting .

http://www.filedropper.com/    (5G)


3)You can also use MSN to send picture.

MSN: Garden-Siyu@hotmail.com

Step 1 : you send me picture and tell me request

Step 2 : I will email you the price quote, if "OK", I will start work

Step 3 : When I finish the work , I will send you the small size works (with our watermark)

Step 4 : If you are satisfied , please pay me the expenses (with a credit card , I will email you the account number).

When I received the remittance, I will send you the real finished works (un-watermarked).

If you are not satisfied , we will amend according to your request.


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